2 Implants Placed and Restored

Multiple Dental Implant Case Study

The photos below follow a case study in which two dental implant were placed. For more information, please use our Contact Us form below or call our office: Budrys Dental Office in Mentor OH Phone Number (440) 951-1318.

Before: Missing Two Upper Molars | Dental Implants Placed | After: Two Restored Teeth

Original, Non-Restorable Teeth

Patient had two decayed and fractured teeth that were not restorable. Both teeth were extracted and bone grafts were placed. The dental implant site healed for 4 months before the final restoration took place.

Before Photo: Worn and Fractured Teeth (looking down into jaw) in Mento OH

Two Dental Implants Placed

During Photo: Dental Implants placed (looking down into jaw) in Mento OH

Final Restoration: Crowns Placed

After photo: Final teeth replacement with abutment crowns on dental implants (looking down into jaw) in Mento OHAfter photo (side view): Final teeth replacement with abutment crowns on dental implants in Mento OH

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